The 35 Minute Fitting Process

We understand the many decisions one has to make when picking out a custom suit. Whether for everyday work, a special event or just as a stylish piece, our clothiers simplify the process and guide the customer in completing the vison they have 

One of our clothiers will have a conversation to learn more about each customer's specific wardrobe need. Once an appointment is confirmed,  we come out and meet the client at the comfort of their location, supplying a vast array of our fine fabrics which the client would be interested in. The first 10 minutes of the appointment will be getting to know the client and his current wardrobe, when possible examining different wardrobe pieces and understanding the clients preferred fit. Once the clothier understands the client better we proceed to the next step of choosing fabrics

Step 2: Choosing Fabrics

After the initial consultation is complete, the clothier will lay the fabrics along the table, introducing the client to different fabric mills , thread counts and the correct usage for each fabric. We suggest all members involved in the ultimate decision present at the time of the appointment to accurately guide the customer to the perfect fabric option. All members work as a team and narrow down the decision to 3 - 7 fabrics which defines the interest level in each and allows for a proper decision to be made. This process usually takes between 7 - 10 minutes. Once the fabrics are chosen, the style choices and measuring begin.

Step 3: Styles & Measuring

Styles are chosen by the client and options are recommended by the stylist totaling maximum of 5 minutes to continue on to the final step of the appointment which is the measuring. The measuring process is what sets Gage Court Clothiers apart from many , being the precision and time we spend on this last, most important part of the appointment. We take total 40+ measurements and many postural assessments to understand the specific body shape as well as the way the suit will drape over the client's body. We take into account many postural details and look for nuances of each clients body type to give the appropriate attention to detail in the eventual tailoring of the final garment.

Step 4: Fitting

The fabrics are now ordered and cut into panels precisely to the measurements provided. The tailoring and construction process take an estimated 6 - 8 weeks from start to finish. When the garment is fully constructed the client will be contacted for a fitting. Given the nature of custom garments most garments will take 2 - 3 fittings for tweaks and preferences in order to provide the perfect fit desired. After the client is 100% happy with the fit, the garment will be delivered in one of our signature Gage Court Clothiers garment bags.