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Our full online shopping tool with 3D suit customization is almost here! In the meantime you can set an in person appointments with one of our experienced clothiers who will meet you at the convenience of your location or in one of our showrooms

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Our Process in Creating Your Custom Garment

Step 1: Book Appointment with a Clothier

A man getting a tailored suit in Baltimore, MD

We understand your schedule is busy and we provide an in home, office or location of your choice convenience where one of our clothiers will bring our fabrics and service you from the first consultation, through each fitting and to the last delivery. We also welcome our clients into one of our showrooms if the client is unable to meet in his own space. Our expert clothier will consult and assess your current wardrobe and learn more about you and your specific tailored suit needs which includes; fit problems, education on the different types of garments we provide and the longevity and quality of a quality custom garment.

Step 2: Assessments & Styling

After the style consultation is finished , our clothier will proceed to recommending fabrics out of our thousands of options and combinations. Not to worry about getting overwhelmed, you will be provided with a specific set of options based on your needs, posture, body type , skin tone & features. Once the fabrics are picked out the fun starts with unique lining customizations and details such as contrasting buttons and buttonholes for your custom suit.

Pick Fabrics

look through our hundreds of fabric options with the professional assistance of one of our seasoned clothiers

Customize Details

After picking the fabrics the customization process starts. There are endless possibilities from changing different color threads on the buttonholes to completely customized lapel styles.

Get Measured

After all the fabrics are picked out our expert stylist will go ahead and take 30+ measurements off your body, postural assessments & noticing the preferred fit the client is most comfortable with.

Step 3: Pattern Cutting & Custom Garment Creation

After the first appointment in which the fabrics are chosen, our luxe fabrics are cut into patterns by our highly experienced tailors into specific are dimensions of each clients body measurements and body type. 

Step 4: Final Fitting and Delivery

The average time a custom suit takes is between 6 - 8 weeks and can be longer on difficult body types and specific customizations.

After the garment arrives 1- 3 additional fittings may be done to ensure the perfect fit of the garment. After the last fitting the garment is delivered freshly pressed and ready to wear!

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