Gage Court Alterations Policy


We expect most garments to need fittings once the garment arrives to achieve the desired fit due to clients  fit preferences. Fittings can be done in our showroom or by one of our trusted tailors. If a client chooses to perform alterations by a tailor of his choosing or a location Gage Court doesn’t have a relationship with a tailor  Gage Court Clothiers will reimburse the cost of alterations as follows below. If an alteration bill would exceed that cost, the customer would be responsible to pay the difference unless specifically approved by the company in writing.

$100 2 pc. suit / $70  Blazer / $30 Trousers - Vest - Shirt

Each client is responsible to perform alterations within 30 days of the first fitting or the date the garment was delivered in order for the company to cover the cost of alterations. If a client fails to perform alterations within the given time frame, the company is not obligated to cover the cost.

When performing alterations, Gage Court will only cover the cost of alterations from one tailor agreed by the client. If the client is unhappy with the alterations performed, he must go back to the original tailor who performed the alterations. The company will not be responsible for the cost of an additional tailor. If any item is damaged after in the client's possession, it would not be the company's responsibility to cover any repairs or remakes.

Each client outside of our showroom is required to bring a suit to the fitting in order for each salesperson to discern fit preferences. If a client fails to do so, the company would not be required to cover the cost of these alterations if the client is unhappy with how the fit turns out. 

  1. Shortening the jacket length
  2. Shortening / Lengthening working button cuff sleeve
  3. Shoulder width