Bridal & Woman's 
Alterations Pricing

Please note that each dress can differ from one ot the next. Our pricing on dresses and especially wedding gowns are mainly estimates. For the most accurate quote, please bring in the dress or gown to one of our seamstresses and inquire based off the individual piece. Please come in for a free consultation.

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Regular PriceFormal, Bridal & GownPrice
Side Seams60Hem100 - 300
Center Seam30Taking in or letting out the waist150 - 300
Side + Center Seam80Adjusting Bust area100 - 300
Side Seams + Shoulder Blade85Shortening or lengthening the sleeve100 - 250
Lengthen Sleeves40 - 50Adjusting Neckline100 - 300
Shorten Sleeves40Altering Back design200 - 400
Shorten or Lengthen W/ Working Button Cuff50Adding or Removing lace or beading150 - 400
Take In Chest70Taking in or letting out the hips150 - 350
Shorten Jacket90adjusting train length150 - 350
Collar Roll50Jeans Hem + Original Stitch40
Collar Roll W/ Shoulders80Suspender Buttons20
Taper Bicep50Patch Crotch 30
Open Armhole80Repair Seam10 - 30
Replace Button5 Ea.

Same Day Service

On most alterations our tailors and seamstresses can provide same day or next day service. Note that there may be an expediting charge.

Tailoring Promise 

We strive to perfect each alterations and allow you to come back within 30 days of service to perfect your garment

Customer Service

Reach out and discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding your garment and we will be sure to assist in the best way possible

Complex Alterations

Our tailors and Seamstresses don't take shortcuts and can perform most complex alterations to your garments


Our mission is to service each customer efficiently without up-charging for unnecessary alterations

Friendly Atmosphere

Come sit in our showroom and experience a pleasant atmosphere and a cold drink while our staff services you