GC Appointment Terms of Service

We strive to provide top notch customer satisfaction and will do our best to satisfy each customer's needs in the custom clothing process. A custom garment is to be expected to be a working relationship between the clothier and customer and we can only understand a customer's fit preferences with the customer's detailed input. These terms are to help the customer understand our process and to help the customer understand what to expect with our custom garments. 

Please read the following carefully as it’s important to understand for customers expectations and as a binding contract, in align with our terms and conditions on gcclothiers.com, between Gage Court Clothiers and the client upon signature of the receipt:

Once the sale is processed we will set the client up with our customer service department. The customer service department will deal with any questions the customer may have. Our salespeople generally are on appointments and do not deal with the customer directly after the initial sale is commenced. If a client has a preference and would only like to deal with the salesperson directly the client can choose to pay a $100 service fee for the salesperson's time.

100% payment is required on each order in order to start production of each garment.

Clients are given designated times on each appointment to make style choices , after the sale has commenced the client will not be able to make any style changes due to the fact that immediately after the sale, items will go into production and we are unable to make changes. It is up to the client to go over the styles chosen with the clothier at the end of each appointment and obtain a written copy of the choices made. If there are any discrepancies based through verbal confirmation between the client and clothier, we will ultimately use the clothiers order form as the final verdict. 

If a client has a specific style that they would like , they are required to specify with a picture and specific details with dimensions of measurements in order to properly achieve the correct style. If a client does not have this information it's the company's choice to determine the style, dimensions and measurement from what information the client has provided. The company will not be held responsible where the client did not provide specific style, measurements and dimensions through writing or a picture. 

Our normal time frame is 4 - 6 weeks of time of purchase. If a client orders a “rush” quicker than 4 - 6 weeks, although we can try to have the garment ready by then we do not 100% guarantee rush orders. Although we do have a standard time frame, due to international shipping and our fabric sourcing from multiple locations, we do not 100% guarantee any time frame.