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Our Process

Over 90 % of the population do not have a standard body type, many of which have never had a professional take care of their wardrobes and finding a perfect fit and style for their unique frame. We have created an easy stress free shopping, both online and in person to provide you with garments that ensure a perfect fit and dapper style unique style designed just for you.

Step 1: Picking Fabrics - Two Options

Shop Online

We understand the value of time and the difficulties of shopping and have created an ultimate shopping experience online centered around ease and simplicity. You can browse through our various collections or chat with us for assistance on what we recommend specifically for you.

Shop Online

Book an In-person Fitting

Our clothiers will meet with you at your location or in one of our showrooms and ask you questions to get to know you better and do a full wardrobe assessment. After getting a feel for you , our expert stylists will help you pick out the appropriate fabrics and proceed to take between 30 - 40 measurements.

Appointment Request

Step 2: Get Measured - Four Options

The measuring process happens after the styles are picked out. Our four different options give you flexibility and allow us to get a guaranteed right fit. When choosing online options, our clothiers will reach out to you upon placing the order if any questions arise. With an online purchase, there can be multiple options selected in order to allow us to get a complete fit for tricky body types. Orders are only placed once the measurements and styles are confirmed.

Get Measured By US

Book an appointment for us to come out to you to be measured even for orders which are placed online. Getting measured by one of our expert tailors is our most recommended option.

Book Appointment


For orders placed online we can provide the client with a measuring guide to take measurements on their own. The measuring needs to be done by another person and is usually guided by one of our tailors via Skype or Facetime


Unique algorithm

Our unique algorithm will compute accurate body measurements for you based on a few provided measurements provided. In order for us to get the most accurate measurement we will contact you to assist you along the process.

Get Fitted

Ship sample

If a client has a sample garment that fits them well, along with the body measurements, we allow the client to ship us a sample garment along with sending us pictures. If receipt provided we will refund that amount to the client or send a shipping package to the client to have the garments shipped.


Step 3: Second Fitting and Final Adjustments

The last step in the process is to make the final adjustments on the garment and the delivery. 

In Person Orders - We will come out to your location or you can come to ours and do a final fitting. If there are any slight alterations we take care of them for you and deliver the garment 100% as the client had envisioned

Online Orders - We ship the garment out to you free of charge. Based on the garment and price the garment was purchased at if the garment needs slight tweaking, We will pay for up to 10% of alteration costs at a tailor of your choice and help you along with the process until you are completely satisfied.

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Any Questions?

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