Fabric Pricing

Our Fabrics

At Gage Court Clothiers we believe you should never  compromise on quality. Our suits are all made with full canvas and sourced from some of the finest mills across Europe. 

With 1000's of fabric choices and style options we are able to provide a top notch luxury garment for an affordable price. We believe in customer satisfaction and stand by each and everyone of our garments to customers 100% satisfaction. 

'Pure, intense emotions. It's not about design. It's about feelings.'

Alber Elbaz

4 - Season Fabric Tiers

Tier 1

$650 - $850

Our Tier 1 fabrics are our most durable fabrics and are intended extended use. These fabrics range from super 110's - super 130's and are the best place to start building your wardrobe

Tier 2


Our Middle Tier is our most popular and best seller out of our 3 fabric levels. The fabrics are a mix of durability and luxury and range from super 110's - super 130's. This tier features fabrics from famous mills such as Vitale Barbeiris Conanico, Guabello & William Halstead.

Tier 3

$1,650 - $3000

Our Top Tier fabrics are our most luxurious. These fabrics are meant for individuals who have full wardrobes or are looking for specific outfits for events. Our fabrics in this line include luxury mills such as Zegna, Tessilstrona & Stylebiella.

Tuxedo Fabrics

Grooms, Weddings
& Groomsmen


Evening-wear & Special Events


Seasonal Fabrics

Fall / Winter

Spring / Summer