January 24, 2020 2 min read

When a garment is of full canvas construction the suit is what we call a "luxury tailored garment". Aside from being able to mold to the silhouette of the body, it creates the shape we envision a well tailored suit to look like. The garment in turn, has immensely enhanced durability and will even outlast a brutal rainstorm. Find out why some fabrics will start to "bubble" over time, in this concise informative article.

What is Canvas? 

Canvas is made up of a material called "horsehair" and sits between the two fabric panels of a suit.

3 Types of Canvas:



The suit panels are glued together by machine. 

Pros - 

  • Quicker production
  • Cheapest 

Cons -

  • Suit fabric will bubble (from heat of dry cleaners eliminating the glue)
  • Fully machine made
  • Will drape stiff and lifeless across chest
  • Garment will ruin in rain 

Half Canvas:

Lapel and chest have canvas, bottom of jacket is glued.

See benefits of canvas below

Full Canvas:

The full front panel of the suit has full canvassing.

Pros - 

  • Significant durability and longevity
  • Fabric won't bubble or pimple
  • Will endure a rainstorm
  • Will provide that tailored suit look

Cons - 

  • Most expensive (due to the handwork)
  • Longer tailoring time

How to tell if a suit is half or full canvas?

Pinch the suit (usually in between where the front buttons are or by the lapel) and rub the fabric. If the suit has canvas, you'll feel the horsehair between the two fabric panels, if not you wont feel anything.


How to tell if canvas


At Gage Court Clothiers, we use the highest level of tailoring. Every suit is tailored with a full canvas construction and consists of top notch quality.

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